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Adblock Plus for Internet Explorerhelp and info

  • What is Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer?

    Adblock Plus is a browser extension that allows internet users to block intrusive, annoying or unsafe ads from appearing while using their browser. These include banners ads, pop-up ads and video ads. By blocking these ads, users can focus on the content they’re trying to view rather than being simultaneously sold products

  • Is Adblock Plus free?

    Adblock Plus is free to download and use. It’s also open-source, which means that the code can be viewed an edited by all users for complete transparency. Though it’s available on a number of browsers, none of them require payment for the use of the service.

  • Is Adblock Plus safe?

    Not only is Adblock Plus safe but its sole purpose to make sure your browsing experience is a safe one. By blocking intrusive, sometimes harmful ads, Adblock Plus prevents viruses and malware from attacking your computer. This means you can mostly browse the web freely without worry.

  • How do I install Adblock Plus?

    Adblock Plus can be installed by visiting the extension store of your browser. Here, you’ll find the official download that will begin installing as soon as you click on the link. You can turn the extension on and off within the browser settings and by clicking on the Adblock Plus icon.

  • Does Adblock Plus work on mobile and desktop?

    Adblock Plus works on both mobile and desktop devices for safe browsing no matter where you’re doing it. With support for iOS and Android, mobile browsing is now safer than ever and free of unwanted, annoying and sometimes harmful ads.

  • What platforms is Adblock Plus available on?

    Adblock Plus is available on a variety of different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Similarly, it can be found on mobile browsers for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • What kind of ads does Adblock Plus block?

    Adblock Plus targets a number of different ad types. Not only does it remove pop-up ads, which means no more extra open windows on your desktop, it also cuts down on banners ads and video ads. This means that standard web pages become less clutters and offer more negative space. Similarly, auto-play ads are reduced.

  • Is Adblock Plus better than Ublock Origin?

    Adblock Plus offers similar features to that of Ublock Origin. While it’s difficult to determine which is the better program, they both aim to provide users with an ad-free experience that keeps their computers and smartphones safe and de-clutters.

  • Can I allow some ads with Adblock Plus?

    Adblock Plus has a feature called Whitelisting that give users the ability to allows ads to appear on certain web pages. This means that if you’re confident in the safeness of a website’s ads and want to ensure they receive ad revenue from your clicks, you can add them to the whitelist to allow ads appear every time you visit. Other sites will continue, however, to block ads.

  • Is Adblock Plus legal?

    Adblock Plus is perfectly legal to download and use. In fact, it can help to protect your computer from illegal activity that can put your information in jeopardy.